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"Meghann did a Fantastic job with our dog Elton! I highly recommend Sit Stay Dog Training to everyone. She is a great teacher and we will use her again if we adopt another dog. She has a gift for dog training! She is also great with the dogs owners too! :) I am thankful and grateful to her for all she taught Elton and us. She is the BEST! :)"
Christina M.
"This is a great business!!!! We took our Cody there for the day school and it has made a ton of difference. Not only was the training effective, but also the socializing with the other dogs."
Chris B.
"So the main word I can think to describe you: AMAZING!!! We knew we had a good dog, but we didn't know how good! You've brought out something amazing in him in just 2 days. We really appreciate the pictures you sent and we love his 'school notes'. I can only imagine what he'll be like at the end of his 2 weeks!"
Jennifer G.
"Dog trainer Meghann Redmer has known our Border Collie/Aussie Chief since he was 5 months old. She was able to harness and direct his enthusiasm, strong herding instinct and intelligence. We cannot thank and recommend Meghann enough for her dog training and super positive energy. Chief is almost one year and is already a great co-pilot with David on the farm. Chief's commands are solid and his quick responses help to foster safety around all the potential dangers of farm life"
Anne W.

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