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Training Programs

Private Lessons and Consults

1 Private Lesson 
   1 Hour lesson at BRVA or at your home 

   *at BRVA or Home

    Puppy Package 4 Private Lessons 
        *Covering topics of housebreaking, crate training, teething, socialization, nutrition, and early training.

    Drop off & Pickup Programs

       Drop your dog at BRVA for a private lesson with a trainer
       Daycare for the day in addition to the training is available
       You will get an end of day progress report
       Private lessons with owners are available upon request

    Day Camp    (Mon-Fri)    (for dogs 6+ months)
       This is a 10 day drop off and pick up training program
       3 private lessons included.
       Your dog will get training indoors and outdoors as well as daycare while with us for the day. 
       They will go home with an end of day progress report.
       Training collar and a free bath is included at completion of program

    Residency Programs

    Basic Board & Train 

       Boarding and training over the course of 13 days
         *additional boarding days available
       3 private lessons are included
       Training is done indoors and outdoors around town
          *Training topics covered: loose leash walking, heel, sit, stay, down, door etiquette, socialization, grooming, and general manners.
       Training collar and a free bath is included

    For further details on each program and what might suit you and your dog best please contact us.  

    Vaccine requirements for training
    Proof of current  Rabies
    Proof of current Bordatella (BC yearly)
    Proof of current Distemper (DHLPP yearly, unless senior)
    Proof of Canine Influenza (CIV)
    Proof of Lyme/Lepto

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